Monday, October 15, 2012

Wedding Reception Calligraphy Purple Ink

Wedding Calligraphy for Place Cards, $1 each

Typically once I complete a bride's wedding invitations, I hear from her a few months later to help her out with her reception. This can include anything from wedding signage to escort cards, and I just recently finished another beautiful job!

This bride's colors were gold and purple, so I matched the purple decorative scroll in her printed place cards and table cards for the names and numbers - and they came out great!

Wedding Reception Calligraphy

CALLIGRAPHY TIP: A tip for brides looking at place cards - whether you are going to hire a calligrapher or just writing out cards yourself, I recommend choosing a card stock that does not have an iridescent finish. This can make it difficult to write on, as the ink isn't able to sink into the weave of the paper well enough to give a crisp line. Already bought iridescent? The trick is to get an ink that is acrylic-based, which has similar qualities to paint - not water. This should work out much better for you.

Need some place cards or table numbers for your wedding? Contact me on how to get started with the calligraphy process - it will definitely push your wedding reception over the edge!

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