Monday, September 24, 2012

Sterling Silver Dove Necklace

Sterling Silver Dove Necklace, $28 

Every once in a great while, I design a piece that I'm so in love with that I wish I could keep. I made one of these Sterling Silver Dove Necklaces and put it in the 6 In the Shipyard store...then I made another one which is now for sale in my online shop. And I have to not wear it everyday because it's for sale for my lovely customers :)

I fell in love with this Sterling Silver dove link charm the second I saw it. It's just so delicate and elegant, and is very understated - I think it would also make a great bracelet, so I'm definitely going to make one up next. It suspends on your neck on a silver chain, and is such a subtle and beautiful representation of hope.

Very understated and elegant -
perfect for those who don't wear much jewelry.
My style of jewelry is usually pretty in-your-face and chunky because I'm quite a tall person, so I simply can't keep it. I think this would make a great birthday or thinking-of-you gift - and in some way matches the theme of my "When Pigs Fly" charm necklaces as well, which have been very popular recently. It's also at a great price point, which I try to

What do you think? Check out my Etsy shop listing to see more pics and to purchase - I definitely think this may be a *limited edition* item!

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