Monday, April 23, 2012

Handmade Rose Rings

Pale Pink Rose Ring, $12
Announcing the newest handmade jewelry line from Ash Tree Designs: the Rose Ring!

I saw a similar design while doing some research online for the newest jewelry trends, and understated rose rings are very hot right now. After seeing a few turquoise blue and cream pieces, I started making some sketches to figure out how to construct my own.

Turquoise Blue Rose Ring, $12
I found some ring bases at Micheal's that would provide the sturdy foundation for the rose itself. Then I ordered a rose mold from my favorite mold store, WhysperFairy, on etsy. I then used some clay I had purchased for my Handmade Cupcake Pendants and made a few roses in colors I thought would be great for spring.

After making four selections, I made the roses using the mold, baked the clay, sprayed with a smooth glossy finish, then attached to the rings using jeweler's HYPO cement. And I love the results!

White Rose Ring, $12
There are currently four rings available in my etsy shop, and the plan is to roll out more colors and create more for the 6 In the Shipyard store location. Right now, the colors available are Turquoise, Pale Pink, Black, and White. I thought the white seemed so bridal to me - and the pale pink such a perfect delicate touch to your spring outfit! And the black rose on the bold silver just makes a straight-up statement.

Click the links above to visit my shop and to purchase - and enjoy! :)

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