Monday, April 16, 2012

Custom Calligraphy Ink Color: Lapis Blue

Custom Ink for Wedding Calligraphy

This was the calligraphy job I always love to get. My bride client wanted something a little different for her wedding invitation calligraphy on her Vera Wang invitations, which were beautifully embossed on heavy white "torn" paper. Each part of the invitation had an imprinted nautical element, from sea shells to sand dollars, and the invitation print was a simple block in a brilliant lapis blue color.

The same lapis blue was also used for the letterpress return address, and was the shade selected for the envelope lining. It was such an exquisite color scheme, that the bride naturally wanted to continue the color scheme on the invitation address - and that's where I came in.

Lapis blue is a very unique color: it ranges in shades and tones, much like any abstract color when you Google it. It is not a color that can be picked off a shelf at my usual ink-purchasing haunts: it has to be special ordered - that is, if you didn't go to art school, have a painting background, and understand color theory.
Custom ink mixing for calligraphy outer envelopes, $2 each
I knew I'd have to custom-mix this color, which I've done in the past for clients seeking a certain "look" for their wedding calligraphy. This specific shade of lapis blue, if you can believe it, actually has a hint of red in it. I already had a red ink bottle, and purchased a bright blue bottle of ink. I started mixing small amounts, adding lots of blue with a dab of red and dab of white to give it some opacity. After mixing for several minutes, I had gotten the color exactly - take a look at the pictures!

Of course I was completely ecstatic, and couldn't wait to finish the wedding calligraphy job so the bride could see her custom calligraphy ink selection. She was thrilled with the results, and I am still so happy that I nailed the color, after being out of school for so long. Some things are like riding a bike, I guess :)

Looking to give your wedding invitations a bit of an edge? Contact me for custom wedding calligraphy ink options, and we'll get started making your wedding invitation vision come true!

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