Monday, March 19, 2012

Custom Calligraphy: Return Address for Ink Stamp

Custom Calligraphy Return Address Digital File, $15
After consulting with a bride recently who was looking to have some custom calligraphy work done (my favorite!) one of the items she requested was getting a single calligraphy "Return Address" digital file that she could then bring to her own printer so that she could have a custom stamp made for all of her future return addressing needs.

I thought this was such a great idea! After completing the job (see file image, above) I sent to her in her required size and file type. I then decided to try my own and see how it would come out. I chose to use Staples, and uploaded my own address in calligraphy artwork to have a custom self-inking calligraphy return address stamp made.

I was so excited when my stamp finally came in the mail - it came out perfect, and I'm now pleased to offer these custom self inking return address stamps on my etsy website! Not interested in dropping $40? I also  have an option to just purchase your own custom calligraphy return address file that you can use to bring to your own local or favorite printer of your choice!

Custom Calligraphy Return Address Self Inking Stamp, $38
I've sold a few so far, and they've been such a success - I can't wait to do more. You'd think as a calligrapher I'd have thought of this already...but now I look forward to bills and mail so I can stamp my return address. Lame? Maybe. Excited over little awesome things? Definitely.

Click any of the links above to visit the shop listing to get your own custom calligraphy stamp or custom calligraphy return address digital file - it makes a great gift for a new bride (help them commemorate their new address together or new shared name!) or will definitely make your own life easier, if you're a bride with Save the Dates, Invitations, and Thank You Notes to address (that's you're entire guest list x3!)

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