Monday, November 28, 2011

Silver Rune Necklaces

Prosperity Rune Necklace, Othila $12
Announcing the newest line of jewelry from The Ash Tree, Rune Necklaces. I was going through some of my old posts and found inspiration from a particularly popular one on my old embroidered necklace line, which featured the popular rune symbol pendants. Now that the embroidered necklaces have been discontinued, I wanted to find a way to bring back the runes and the meanings they carry. 


I started with a real set of beautiful amethyst runes, which I was inspired by the color and organic, smooth shapes of the stones.  Each stone had a carved rune that represents some element that I wanted the wearer to carry, as you can see from the following card insert. I created silicone molds from the stones using iridescent pearl clay, which actually produced swirls of color and pigment that actually looked like rocks. I painted on the etched-in runes with black ink, inserted an eye hook for the pendant, then baked them. 

Once removed from the oven and cooled, I sprayed the batch with a gloss finishing coat, to make them shine like real stones would, without the weight of them around the neck. The results were amazing: I love the look of these silver pendants on a simple black cord - and at the right price, so will you!

Simple Rune Meanings by Symbol
Right now, there are several different rune necklaces listed on my website: Hope, Success, Safety, Enlightenment, Journey, and Prosperity. I thought these runes represented what I wanted to convey the most with this jewelry: that is, protection, and going through your journey safely. I imagine these would be a great gift to give a traveler to keep them safe on their journey, or to wish someone success in their daily lives.

Hope Rune Necklace, Dagaz $12
I also got started on another batch, which was a gorgeous deep black color with either silver or gold painted runes. All necklaces are now available in the 6 In the Shipyard store location, just in time for all of your holiday shopping. In the meantime, you can order online while supplies last. Don't see the rune you want? Convo me to order it in whatever color you want!

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