Monday, November 21, 2011

Rhinestone Cupcake Necklaces

Rhinestone Cupcake Necklaces, $20
Introducing the newest line in Ash Tree Designs handmade jewelry, the Rhinestone Cupcake Necklace. These adorable little treats have been in process for several weeks now - from original conception inspiration from the She's The First cupcakes for education nonprofit that I read about on the train in the Metro to sketching out and ordering (and waiting impatiently) for supplies.

When I first started, I really wanted a bright statement piece of jewelry in cupcake form. I did some research online and did sketches and took notes, but nothing I found really had the "look" I was going for, and I was excited to create my own.

Once I had a sketch in mind, I searched my favorite Etsy sellers for some supplies, as I figured a mold would be the only way to go when crafting something this small and delicate: I was lucky enough to stumble across WhysperFairy, an adorable shop that features molds spanning from anything you could ever imagine. I found a cupcake top and bottom, convo'd her to see if they'd fit, and anxiously awaited them to arrive.

 Meanwhile, I made a trip to Dick Blick art stores to pick up the polymer clay that I needed and a sealing agent that I could use to coat the finished cupcakes and give them a glossy finish and shine. I also ordered my Swarovski crystals in various sizes and colors to embellish the white "frosting" with.

Pink Rhinestone Cupcake Necklace, $20

When my molds came from WhysperFairy ahead of schedule (thanks again to Julie for such great customer service!) I got to work molding and experimenting with how to go about doing the cupcakes and getting them to fit together. Using about a quarter of each color, I made up to 5 cupcake molds, inserted an eye hook, designed and placed in the Swarovski crystals in the appropriate places, and set them in the oven. Once baked, each cupcake got a few coats of a glossy finish to both seal the whole piece together and to give it a glossy shine.

Right now, I have about 20 finished cupcakes and awaiting the arrival of more Swarovski crystals so I can get more out to place on my online store and at my retail location in Hingham, 6 In the Shipyard. But the interest has really taken off, and I'm so pleased to see the results of my time and efforts to come across so beautifully in these statement pieces.

Buy these necklaces at Ash Tree Designs online store

The colors available now (pictured) are red, yellow, green, blue, purple and magenta. I may experiment with some lighter pastel colors, but really like the vibrancy of these for now. You can purchase them online at my Ash Tree Designs handmade jewelry shop, or contact me if you'd like a special order or your color is not in stock. Happy holiday shopping!


  1. Beautiful!! These cupcakes turned out so nice! I love the rhinestones on them!! :D Thanks for the feature and links to my shop! Much appreciated.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!

  2. Thanks, Julie! So glad that you like them - happy to feature you.

    Have a great holiday weekend!!


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