Monday, July 25, 2011

Professional Work Wraps

It's summer, and the blazing hot days usually mean a comfortable work or transportation setting with the air conditioning. Right?

Long Sleeve Fringe Sweater from ANAMA. Ideeli, $29

Ever since it just gave a hint of warmth in early July, I feel as though everywhere I go the A/C is on steroids. One could argue that I'm a cold "person" and that most "normal" people are "comfortable", but whatever. It's summer and I'm friggin cold, which is stupid.

So whether your office is A/C crazy because everyone is hot even when they're buried in a building not anywhere near the sun or open windows, or you're commuting to work on a rainy day that is not warm at all but the bus driver says F* it and cranks the A/C anyway, you're going to need to find a balance between that cold-anger and professional appearance. And in case your wondering if these are personal experiences, yes, they indeed are.

And guess what? Since most people are ACTUALLY hot and think you're crazy, professional-looking wraps are on sale this time of year! Yay!

 Loose Knit Cardigan White, $13 from RisingTaste
Check out these two that I found in my online travels. The first, from my favorite go-to sale site Ideeli is a fringy sweater (above) that is actually in a summery light coral color, while adding warmth to your cold, miserable body and looking professional in the workplace and not like a shivering fool during meetings.

The second idea for your cold body is a lighter sweater option for your office dealings or on-the-go. I have a similar wrap now to this in white that I pull out for the office and for that stupid cold bus ride, and it keeps me warm without taking up too much room in my bag. Plus, it's white: it's summer, and white is okay. This wrap is from RisingTaste, and is only $13. Great option for poor, cold bus-riders like me.

Now I just have to find a solution for my cold sandal-feet...

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