Friday, May 20, 2011

Guest Post: "Inspiration" by Kiss Me Creations

I am an artist.

Many of you can say the same. Painters, performers, dancers, poets, jewelers, singers, actors, novelists, crafters...they're all artists.

Or, if you're not an artist, maybe you are an art appreciator. You're moved by a still life photograph. You can decipher meaning in abstract art. You find the perfect piece and want to share it with someone. Maybe the art finds you.

I love crafting. Ever since I was little I've loved to create my own projects, ranging from collecting sticker books to painting wood cut-outs. Even now, in my spare time I make paper beads, and then string them together to make bracelets and earrings. I take photographs, sometimes editing them on my computer. I've also been experimenting with polymer clay.

One great resource for me has been I officially joined last month, but I frequented the site often before opening up shop. Like I said, I love to craft, so in order to fund my hobby I decided to try selling my crafts. Even though I would like to make some money so I can keep crafting, Etsy has been great in other ways. I find myself posting in forums, connecting with other artists. I keep browsing through the different sections, looking at the items other sellers have listed. There are so many wonderful creations that have been so inspiring. I love to see what other people make, what they put effort and love into. Each piece has a story to tell. And you don't have to become a member to experience these stories. You can browse through the pages, or search for anything you have in mind. Another idea is to stop by a local craft fair. As the weather warms, they will become more common, and you can search your local paper for different locations. Art inspires me to create my own, so I love to see what people are trying to convey in their crafts.

But enough about me. What inspires you?

 Your friends?

 The images in your dreams?

 That special someone in your life?

To honor the beauty that surrounds us every day, I've created my very own "Inspiration Collection". With the help of polymer clay, paint, and rubber stamps, I've made these charms that feature words of inspiration to me. Just one word can get you thinking. These charms will all be up for sale at my Etsy shop. Some will be added to jewelry, and some will be sold just as the charms. There will be more styles available than just those pictured above.

So while you're browsing through my shop, or even just glancing out the window, think about what inspires you, and be thankful for that inspiration.

I would like to thank the Ash Tree for giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts with all of you. It has been a pleasure writing this post.


*If you would like to write a guest post for The Ash Tree, contact me today to get started.

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