Thursday, February 10, 2011

Embossed Calligraphy Place Cards

Embossed place cards, $1.00 each

Considering calligraphy for your wedding place cards, but need just a little something extra to make them extra special? Or do you need an extra finishing touch for your special event reception?

The Ash Tree is now pleased to offer embossing services for place cards. Embossed designs are a minor detail that can really add a special touch to your event - but the process can be time-consuming and very detail-oriented to make them perfect. So why not hire a professional?

Featured here is a recent client job that was a Christmas wedding, and she wanted to make the most out of the holiday. She purchased 3 different small stamps (two Christmas trees and a snowflake) to use for the place cards, and for the embossed Table Cards, I recommend she use a slightly larger snowflake stamp to both tie in to the other designs while distinguishing the table cards as separate.

I did a mix of the stamps, using red and green ink pads. I wanted to emboss all of the place cards and table cards first so I could write out the names in calligraphy after the place cards were done. That way, I wouldn't have to re-do names (which takes more time than embossing), and I wouldn't have to tediously place the stamp in the perfect place.

Contact Ash Tree Calligraphy today to get started on your project, and to schedule a free consultation!

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