Saturday, August 21, 2010

Seaglass Pendants

Since I just finished an order for a Custom Seaglass Ring today, I figured I'd do a quick feature on my Seaglass Necklaces that I have available. As some of you know already, I do some work with sea glass that I used to find with my family when I was younger: we literally had bags and bags of what we found on the beaches. I recently decided to try and make these memories into some beautiful jewelry pieces, by wrapping them with silver plated wire (pictured here is a "cage" wire-wrapping technique) and stringing them onto a cord.

I usually try and create a pop with a brightly colored cord, although I have done pieces that are more subtle with a black satin or woven cord. The blue that is pictured is actually suede - saw it at Michael's and couldn't resist :) These necklaces are super popular when I have jewelry shows - they add a touch of summer to any outfit.

Want to see if I have a certain color? Need a custom piece for an upcoming birthday? Pissed that I apparently didn't wear enough sunscreen earlier in the day when I modeled this piece? Let me know!


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