Monday, April 19, 2010

2010 Tide Shirt

"The Tide Waits for No Man..."

Get ready for the boating season with this excellent t-shirt! This screen printed Boston tide shirt provides the boaters all the valuable information they need about the tides...with a twist.

The tide shirt has the tide charts for Boston Harbor (which also works for surrounding towns) UPSIDE DOWN - that is, so it can be read from the wearer's point of view!!! See example of this with model, below.

Which also happens to be my dad in all of his awesome ridiculousness :)

This is a great gift idea for the boater in your life, male or female, and can be an excellent, and humorous, Father's Day gift!! Get yours today, to kick off YOUR boating season.

Available in all sizes, and several colors; including blue, yellow, nautical red, blue, white, lime green, olive, light blue, and purple. We're always looking to expand our line into *new waters* if you can commit to 20 or more shirts for a new region, shoot me an email and we can make it happen :D

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