Thursday, August 6, 2009

Featured Seller: (My 100th Heart!) Junkyjunk

I realized the other day that I just got my 100th heart on etsy! Yaay! (Now I just have to follow up with 100 sales... ha ha.) That heart belonged to Nora, the shop owner of Junkyjunk. There's something quirky yet comfortable about her shop, and she has a great pastel theme running through it.

Nora is a mother of one, and looks forward to one day having her help with her etsy shop. Many of her hobbies (when not collecting cute items :) were instilled by her mother and older sister, who inspire and impress her creatively. She's passionate about saving items from landfills, and comments that age gives her items their "character".

Her greatest strengths, which I happen to agree, are her photos, as she makes them interesting and aesthetically pleasing. She admits to needing to work on being more organized in terms of space (I have pretty much taken over the dining room in my house, p.s.,)

Nora's fav shop belongs to her sister, Heather, at, and she gives much credit to her for assisting her on her "etsy journey".

For new artists:

"Be organized before you begin. Have business cards, and thank you's printed, so when an order comes they're already done. Mostimportantly, take great pictures, and use your tags! Use them as much as you possibly can. Every tag is another possible view, which is another possible sale."

Visit Nora's site here!

Below is my favorite item, the "1930s blue-green typewriter that works" (below, $165.00) is SO COOL! How awesome are ancient typewriters, seriously?! I think they're so fun to play with, when I'm making a thousand mistakes and can't hit "delete"...


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