Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Featured Follower: The Photography of Mara Aspinall

I was actually given the opportunity to assist Mara Aspinall, the former CEO of Genzyme who is now starting her own company, with her photography business. My advisor at my internship with Tufts this summer introduced us, and as an artist and business minor she wanted to solicit my help in getting her photography out there. Above is one of my favorite pieces, "Soaring High", which is representative of all the texture in architecture work she does.

Though I have been pretty thinly spread this summer, I am helping her out and having my mother assist her while I'm abroad, so I can pick up again when I get back. She's a great natural talent, and I find her "hands-off" approach to her images to be similar to my taste when it comes to my work.

Her website is, and I recently got her going on etsy:, just because the checkout process is much easier to her site and gets a little more traffic - I'm a little concerned right now about the price point, but it's a start!

She has some stunning flower images - the colors are amazing, even more so in person. (That's my only criticism of selling photographs online - something gets lost in translation.)

Her images are available in various sizes, 4" x 6"s to 20" x 30"s -she ships them all over, and she has a custom framer. Contact Mara or me if interested in getting your own print!

Below is my favorite item, only because I'm such a notecard person. Included are 6 notecards and envelopes tied with a golden string. Check it out on etsy!

Check back next week for the next featured seller :)


  1. Good post, nice writing and arresting photograph!

  2. I agree about the notecards, they're lovely!

    I've just signed up to follow your blog, it's a really nice style and a great way to find new etsians! If you would like to feature my shop when you have a space it's

    Keep up the good work

  3. Nice interview:)
    found you in the etsy forums


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