Thursday, July 9, 2009

Featured This Week: StonesThrowCreations

The earthy green and browns displayed in StonesThrowCreations really appeal to me as my business color is typically variations of chocolate brown. The professional images in this ceramic shop almost glow against the softness of the gray background. The shadows cast by the objects give them weight and make them more real - I see such a distinct similarity between these pieces and those in museums because of the artist's talent for detail and glazing. The image above was the shop's choice to convey how she takes inspiration from nature and makes pieces that are slightly abstract.

StonesThrowCreations shop owner, Rachel, works at a bakery and pottery studio, in addition to creating her own work. She also volunteers in a mentoring program for high school kids, and plays the clarinet in a community band. On her education, Rachel says she was an Outdoor Recreation major in college, and her love for nature definitely comes across in her work.

Rachel feels as though her greatest strengths are the originality of her pieces, as she constantly looks for fresh inspiration from the outdoors. She also struggles with time management, as it is difficult to make pottery one of her top priorities in such a busy lifestyle (I second that!).

Though she is fairly new to Etsy and is unsure of a favorite shop just yet, she does comment on how she stumbled on skinnylaminx's blog, and appreciates her designs. It also was how it led to her discovery of the Etsy site, and eventual opening of her own shop.

For aspiring artists, Rachel advises, "Don't let someone talk you out of doing what you love. Also, it's easy to get sucked into "sell, sell, sell!" and just create what you think people will want, but what fun is that? And you'll never figure out what people want anyway."

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Below is my favorite piece, "The Seapot", $65. I really like the big handle, and it feeds into my obsession with teapots :)

Okay and JuliesJems is REALLY going next week :)

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