Thursday, July 2, 2009

Featured This Week: Beadnik Boutique

I just love this shop. It's so similar to my own taste that it's scary - from the gorgeous chunky glass pendants to the professional images with uniqe photo displays, Beadnik is the place to go for one-of a kind pieces.

When you visit this etsy shop, the unique photo displays (check out the earrings, left) and great image variety resonate with you. I especially love the contrast of the smooth and shiny surfaces of the glass with the texture of the neutral gray wood panel backgrounds.

The shop owner, Cindy, says that she came from an artistic family, and her oldest son is a graphic artist. She always wanted to pursue art as a profession, but decided to settle down and get married. Cindy applies her creativity to her hobbies of gardening and cooking, as she always "creates them to appear attractive and tasteful". Natural and antique brass are her favorite media to work with, and she feels as though that comes across in her jewelry pieces. Cindy has identified her weakness as "not knowing what people like these days" - and as a fellow artist, I agree.

She advises new artists to never doubt themselves or their abilities (aw!), because "others see what you make in a different way than you do". Cindy recommends promoting yourself on etsy forums, twitter, and constant distribution of business cards.

Pictured below is my favorite item, the "Starfish Delight", $28.00. I love the weight of the pendant and the colors :)

Contact BeadnikBoutique:


Stay tuned for next week; JuliesJems is featured! Check it out and show some support :)


  1. Those web addresses are wrong. It's
    Thanks for the great blog, Ashley

  2. Oh, and the twitter address IS correct.

  3. Great post! I love the starfish necklace. :)

  4. Is it okay to put our Etsy shop address in the URL section of the comment form? I didn't want to steal Beadnick's glory!


  5. Lisa -
    Throw it on the featured etsy seller post, below!


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