Thursday, June 18, 2009

Small Business 101…as a minor? At Tufts?! But I’m a fine art student!

As a SMFA junior getting thrown into Tufts full time for a year, I felt somewhat out of place. My first semester especially I felt particularly isolated; my best friend was leaving in a few months, I was probably antsy because of my lack of creative outlets (no time for drawing or painting) and had started my jewelry making. The summer before, I had decided to pursue the Entrepreneurial Leadership Minor, and was taking the ELS 101 class.

As a class, it really helped me get introduced to and start thinking about the big picture of businesses and their relevance to my life. I felt as though there was a lot of focus on multi-billion dollar ventures in engineering or biotechnology (um, snore? Fine arts, hello!) and I was teamed up with classmates to write our own business plan. Though I wasn't particularly interested in our topic (and I'm sure it showed) the team dynamic really allowed me to start my Tufts foothold. I knew what I wanted to accomplish for next year; instead of trying to blend in with Tufts students, which I would never be able to do, I would stand out through my creativity.

Through the stresses and self-doubt of that fall semester in 2008, I came out stronger and ready for the challenges of 3 work-intensive ELS classes for the next semester. And honestly, It was the most challenging yet rewarding set of experiences in my life.

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