Monday, March 11, 2013

Brushed Silver Shamrock Charm Necklace

Brushed Silver Shamrock Charm Necklace, $28
Well, the dreaded / much celebrated St. Patrick's Day has just about arrived, and what better way to welcome it with a lovely brushed silver shamrock charm necklace?

As with many other pieces in my Ash Tree design collections, this Silver Shamrock Necklace has a meaning behind it. The most popular shamrock meaning was from in Ireland around the fifth century, where St. Patrick was introducing and establishing Christianity among the people there. He utilized the three-leaf clover as an illustration of the holy trinity, with each leaf representing the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. The tree sections are also symbolic of the three theological virtues found in the first Corinthians 13:13 - "Faith, Hope, and Love".

To this day, the spiritual meaning of the shamrock continues to be iconic of St. Patrick's teachings, though it was also revered by Ancient Celts because of its trinity as well. A myriad of their beliefs were also based on triads according to the artists of the time, and the occurrence of 3's were aspects of goddesses, gods,  time, and the balance of energies.

(Source: What's Your Sign? Symbolic Shamrock Meaning)

Now that you more thoroughly understand the symbolism behind the shamrock, get your own Silver Shamrock Necklace at a reasonable price for this St. Patrick's day - also makes a great gift for the Irish gal ;)

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