Monday, January 7, 2013

Gold Wishbone Charm Necklace

Gold Wishbone Charm Necklace, $28
As with most of the pieces in my design collections, this Gold Wishbone Charm necklace has a meaning behind it. The wishbone symbol is something we're all familiar with after having a "bird-meal", and we've all been on both the winning and losing end of the wish bone break. But what is the tradition behind it, and what does it actually mean?

The wishbone-breaking contest / ritual actually dates back to the 4th century, where civilizations such as the Romans and Etruscans would pull a dry turkey or chicken bone until it snapped - or gave them a "lucky break". The winner was left holding the larger piece of the wishbone, and it was believed that their wish or dream would come true.

Delicate Gold Wishbone Charm Necklace, $28

The tradition has continued, as many believe now that the symbol will bring good luck, "catch" dreams, and make wishes come true. It's also become a channel of good energy, and astrologists have linked it to the horoscope sign Sagittarius - who are born between November 22nd and December 21st.

Knowing the rich history behind this energizing symbol, why not take that with you every day, or give it to someone who will? What would you wish for?

Gold Wishbone Charm Necklace, $28

Elegant and simple, this gorgeous golden wishbone charm suspends beautifully on a stunning silver 16" silver plate chain with 1" of extender chain. The charm is in the shape of an unbroken wishbone,made of bronze with a golden shine. The strong material ensures that it will never "break", keeping your future wishes fulfilled. The bone rests on your neck at approx. 20mm in size.

Source: Symbols and Their Meaning

This piece is one of those designs I've been thinking about for a long time and finally was able to make it come to fruition - as well as being one of those pieces I secretly want to keep for myself :) Makes a great gift for your best friend, daughter, or even bridesmaids at your wedding - contact me if you'd like to inquire about a bulk order, or additional chain sizes.

I hope that you'll see the meaning behind the charm, and that all your wishes will come true!

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