Monday, December 17, 2012

Cupcake Charm Leather Bracelet

I understand I have a cupcake problem.

With the success of the She's the First Cupcake Necklaces and how much fun they are to make, I starting fooling around with sketches of simple cupcake bracelet designs. I know that many people already have a favorite necklace that they wear every day, so I thought a cupcake bracelet may be a perfect, logical next step for my cupcake jewelry line to take.

Cupcake Charm Leather Bracelet, $45

The result was this "sweet" handmade cupcake charm bracelet - elegant and simple, I strung a high quality black leather bracelet with a single antiqued silver-plated pewter cupcake bead. The cupcake charm is available in either pink or white frosting (aka, strawberry and vanilla), with"sprinkle" rhinestone colors including red, blue, light blue and green.

Each frosted cupcake charm measures 11x11mm in size, and the black leather bracelet with sterling silver clasp is available in the standard size of 7.5", and larger sizes are definitely available. I just thought that this would make a perfect gift for a little sister, daughter, or best friend!

White Cupcake Leather Charm Bracelet, $45
The high-quality black leather also makes a fantastic base for other large-hole bead charms, available at a fraction of the price - so grab yours today @ the Ash Tree Etsy shop! :)

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