Thursday, November 1, 2012

Silver Rhinestone Horseshoe Necklace

Just because we could use all the good luck we can! Check out the latest creation from Ash Tree, two of which are now available at my Etsy shop for purchase this holiday season.

Always looking to incorporate symbols into my work, I took a look at the horseshoe symbol's actual meaning. Did you know that the horseshoe was another ancient emblem used to ward off the "evil eye"? After the Evil Eye Bracelet I designed, the horseshoe (and eventually four-leaf clover!) was a logical next step for the "good luck" line :).
Silver Rhinestone Horseshoe Charm Necklace, $28
Common legend is that the ends of the horseshoe must be pointing up in order to keep all the good luck in. There are theories that the magic of this symbol is in its shape, which is that of the horned moon. Then again, most are satisfied with the notion that the shoe protects the horse, so the horseshoe must work for people, too.

Pretty cool, huh? As I mentioned, this is a limited-edition line: so when these two pieces are gone - they're gone! And with an affordable price like this, it makes a great gift - especially for those needing a little extra luck on final exams, or wedding days :) so don't wait, check out my Silver Rhinestone Horseshoe Charm Necklace etsy listing to see more pics, and get yours today!

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