Monday, May 14, 2012

Whimsical Wedding Calligraphy: Place Cards and Table Tents

Calligraphy for Wedding Receptions,
$4 tents (names on both sides) and $1 place cards
I just finished such a fun wedding reception calligraphy job! I met with my bride about a month ago who was desperately in need of a calligrapher to write out her wedding reception table tents and place cards for her wedding. She had her place cards screen printed, and had cut deep purple long cards for her table tents - both needed calligraphy to tie her reception theme together.

First, the table tents: instead of going with table numbers, she decided to name each of her tables after a fictional place, presumably from books and stories. For example, her table name list ranged from Wonderland, Hogwarts, The Shire, Treasure Island, and even Peter Pan's Neverland. It was such a whimsical theme, that her calligraphy definitely had to match. I recommended a lighter color ink (such as white, which is opaque and would stand out) for her deep purple tents so that the name would really pop - to keep with her color theme, she chose a light lavender ink color, which I custom - mixed to match her place cards. They came out beautiful!

Wedding Calligraphy for Place Cards, $1 each
Now for her place cards (above), she did the same whimsical floral print, but in two different card stock colors with two different inks, red and deep purple. She elected to have guests' names written out in the corresponding ink color that the place card was printed in, so I used red ink and mixed a deep purple to match the darker place cards. On the backs, she had the table names screen printed to inform guests where to go: it was a really great touch, because she took the distinct fonts the original places were printed in (for example, Hogwarts if you read the books or have seen the movies has a very distinct lightning bolt in its title) and had them printed on the back in deep purple, regardless of the color card. Take a look at a few of them, below:

Each table was named after a storybook place!
All in all, it was so fun to work on, and I love brides who take the extra step to make their wedding reception unique conceptually. Do you have an idea you'd like for your wedding reception, but need some help piecing it together? Contact me to get started on your wedding calligraphy project today!

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