Monday, February 6, 2012

11 Tips for Wedding Dresses

I received the following guest post on wedding dress tips, and thought it would be great for my bride wedding calligraphy clients and readers that are looking for some fun (and budget-saving!) wedding-dress reading before their big day. Enjoy!

1) Wedding dresses should be purchased at least a few months before the ceremony. It takes about a month for the gown to arrive. Once it arrives, you will need to take it to an expert seamstress to have the gown fitted and altered.

2) Never use foundation on your d├ęcolletage. The powder can stain wedding dresses an unattractive yellow or tan color.

Little Mermaid Inspired Wedding Dress, Alfred Angelo
3) Trunk shows are planned well in advance, so bridal stores should be able to give you a list of dates. Trunk season is from January to May and each show lasts from one to three days. Appointments fill up quickly so call early!

4) "Normal" alterations include shortening straps, adding a bustle, adding a bra cup to the bust, and adjusting a hem. If the gown is too tight and bunching, no amount of alterations will make it comfortable and will fail to show your figure in its best light.

5) Bridal shops often have sales right after high school dances. Check out your local high schools’ websites to get a calendar of school events. If you’re able to shop during a weekday, you will usually get better service.

A-Line Wedding Dress, Simply Bridal
6) When deciding the dress budget, factor in the cost of accessories and alterations. Be aware that sleeve, bodice, and hemline alterations all have different costs. If you plan to lose weight, you will want to discuss it with your seamstress.

7) Create a log of likes and dislikes about various wedding dresses. You can start immediately by buying wedding magazines, ripping out pictures, and circling your favorite parts. You can also do this with accessories.

8) Most trunk shows offer a discount for placing your order on the spot, up to 20%. Even if the salon doesn't offer a discount, the designer may throw in a few extras (buttons down the back, additional length on the train) without charging you more.

9) Before buying a dress online, be aware of the shipping and restocking costs. If the dress seems too good to resist, call up your credit card company before you buy to see how you can protect yourself from unscrupulous sellers.

10) Details like beading and lace are often done by hand. It is often more economical to choose a simple and classic gown and dress it up with well-chosen accessories. You can wear the jewelry again, but not the dress.

11) Keep in mind that most of your guests will be staring at the back of your dress for most of the ceremony. Make sure the dress looks fantastic from all angles.

About the Author: Molly Warner is a writer for, a well known retailer of high quality online wedding dresses. She's been planning her own wedding since she was a seven-year old flower girl and has written for various publications before deciding that her passion is in the bridal industry, especially wedding dresses. 

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