Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume

Now that I'm starting to think Halloween again, it occurred to me that I never came back with the finished product after last year's vicious Jessica Rabbit costume hunt. Here's an image of my final costume: it was a big hit! I only encountered 1 other Jessica Rabbit in Boston, but my costume was obviously way better.

The Gabriella Dancy shoes in red were perfect for the costume, and surprisingly didn't hurt my feet that bad. Unfortunately, the fabric tore on both shoes during my bar crawling, and I had to return them. I tried to find another pair on Zappos, but they are not carrying that fire-red that they did last year: the closest is a deeper red in patent leather.

Full Jessica Rabbit Costume,
custom design by MsMars.
Photo Credit: Focal Impulse
The thing that really made this costume was the wig. I got mine at Dorothy's Boutique near Berklee, and the second I saw the obnoxious orange hair color, I knew it was perfect. It even had the side-swept bang that I could hide one of my eyes, much like Jessica herself. I also bought obnoxiously huge fake eyelashes.

Lastly, after searching the city I broke down and bought long purple gloves online cheap. I don't remember where, but they were like $12: which is good, because I spilled beer all over them. (And no, not me - I don't drink beer. So ha!)

Pictured in this post is the full Jessica Rabbit costume as photographed during a Boudoir Quickie Slam Shoot by Focal Impulse Studios. As I've posted before in my experience with them, I cannot recommend them enough to clients looking for (or even thinking about) participating in a boudoir photo shoot. They were great with direction, have an impressive portfolio, and I was thrilled with the resulting re-touched photos. So don't wear you're *hot* Halloween costume only once: get some great photos, too!

Of course, after this epic costume, I am having problems coming up with one for this year. How do you follow up a bombshell like Jessica Rabbit? Any suggestions welcome - I was thinking Marilyn Monroe...

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