Monday, September 19, 2011

Custom Calligraphy Ink Color for Wedding Envelopes

Wedding Calligraphy for Outer Envelope Only, $2

This bride came to me with the coolest vintage-inspired invites that I've ever seen. Using different fonts and styles to create an antiqued feel, the invitations came in a charcoal-grey color scheme that she requested for a custom color mix for her calligraphy for outer envelopes.

You can see from the images that she chose the spread out zip code with no dot accents between the numbers. The envelopes were great quality, looking almost woven, and thus great to write on. I used a C-5 calligraphy nib, and custom-mixed a grey using a mostly white ink bottle with limited drops of black. The result was a "not too harsh" ink color that really popped, and looked great against her invitations!

Custom calligraphy ink for wedding envelopes

Looking for a custom color, or just don't want to even THINK about addressing all those envelopes yourself? Contact me today to get started on your calligraphy project: I've worked with brides all over the country, and will help you to make your wedding a day to remember.

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