Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Calligraphy for Place Cards

Calligraphy for Place Cards, $1 each

Instead of place cards, this bride chose to do have calligraphy reception names on embossed "labels" that she would attach to lobster lollipop for her July, Maine wedding. The labels had a hole punched in the top and were vertical with a variety of 6 embossed nautical images. These adorable graphics included a starfish, sand dollar, ship's wheel, anchor, crab, and square knot.

Bride and Groom Reception Calligraphy, $1 each

Just another great example of how customizing your wedding around a "theme" can really pay off. This idea was something a little different, but still got the point across...and she also combined wedding favors and place cards into one with the lobster lollipop. It's my guess that the red of the lobsters and navy in the tags will really pop!

Similar Concept - tags would be on red lobster lollipops
as place cards and favors for guests. Picture credit: C & A Event Planning

I wrote out each name in a dark blue ink - that actually resembled a navy - and used a C-5 calligraphy nib dipped in ink. I wrote out the Tables right on top of each embossed image to create consistency. I also made sure to have each table "mixed up" with a balanced amount of images: but maybe that's just me being anally-detailed once again!

Place Card Calligraphy, $1 each

Genius, and original in my book!

Need calligraphy on place cards for your wedding reception or special event? Contact me to get started today on your project!

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