Friday, July 15, 2011

EverlastingInvites Guest Post: Fall Weddings

We all know how popular June weddings are. June has been the most popular time of the year to get married. With the flowers and leaves fresh in bloom, it is no wonder that it is a chosen time of the year for making new promises and commitments to each other.

Though most weddings occur during the summer months, Fall weddings have been becoming more popular and with good reason. While June may have flowers and trees in bloom, Autumns palette is in full bloom with an array of the most enchanting and romantic colors. The hot days of summer are gone yet the days are still warm and beautiful.

Fall Wedding Invitations from EverlastingInvites

Fall allows for fun themes with Halloween, and Thanksgiving / Harvest time. Possible  themes could be centered around pumpkins, apples or Autumn foliage. Color options are endless from golden greens, burnt orange, yellows, eggplant, browns and various reds including merlot, burgundy, and cranberry.

With all that Autumn has to offer, you really cannot go wrong with planning the perfect wedding. A great place to start is with custom wedding invitations from Everlasting Invites to help you get started on the perfect fall-theme wedding of your dreams!


-This guest post written by EverlastingInvites, a professional graphic designer based out of Fitzwilliam, NH. Visit her sites for more information and images of her custom wedding invitations:

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