Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Calligraphy for Table Cards, and More!

My best friend got married on June 25, 2011 in Ft. Lauderdale, MA. The ceremony was beautiful, and the planning that she did right down to the last detail made all the more difference in her wedding.

During her "Shower Weekend" we spent some time prepping for the reception, including wedding calligraphy and some other great details. So get ready for a super long post with a TON of photos!

Here's some images of the wedding calligraphy I did for her table cards, sweetheart table, and other signage.

Wedding Calligraphy cards, $2
Wedding Calligraphy for Table Numbers, $2
Wedding Calligraphy for Sweetheart Table, $2
The cage below was for the gift table, where she chose to receive cards in an elegant antique bird cage that was braided with silk flowers. Most guests were coming from out of town, so this was a perfect display. I topped it with a floral bow, made with thick ribbon and loops on all sides so there was no "back" look for the cage.

Bird Cage for Wedding Gift Table Cards
The next awesome thing she did was rocks instead of place cards. Her *now husband* is a geologist, so this tied in perfectly with the theme of the wedding. She bought these river-worn rocks in bulk, and then wrote out in silver pen each guest's name on top, and their table number on the bottom when guests picked their stones up.

Stone place "cards" for reception guests
Lastly, to tie in the stones once again, she used the same rocks as table card holders by individually wire-wrapping each rock and creating a card holder out of it. Talk about patience and vision-dedication!
Rock and wire table card holders for wedding reception tables

I'll be sure to get the rest of the post-ceremony photos up as soon as I can - Maid of Honor duties kept me mentally from dutiful documentation, so I will post as I find...

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