Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Attention Fashionistas: Go to ideeli.com!

Donna Morgan Crazy Lines Dress $59 (Orig. $130)

Okay, time to be honest, readers. Now that I have been graduated for nearly a year, things are not going to hot for me financially. The reality of student loans has hit hard, and between that and rent alone, I have no cash to spend on anything. Ever.

If it sounds depressing, okay, yes, it is. To see my savings slowly disappear when this was the time of my life where I SHOULD be saving for a car, house, or even a great vacation. I've stressed about it, talked to my mom about moving back home, been eating less. But you know what? This past week I've come to realize something really important: yes, it's important to be financially responsible - but that's no way to live. Thinking and obsessing about it every day, like this income will be your fixed income forever isn't going to solve any problems.

I've decided to live like it's going to get better. That one day, I will have money and not have to be worried. I've even submitted an application to consolidate my enormous loans to a more reasonable amount to pay off each month.

Amanda Charles, $30 (Orig. $100)
In the meantime, I've discovered this amazing website called ideeli.com. One of the things I've always prided myself on is to take pride in what I'm wearing and "sometimes" following the newest trends when they match my taste.

For example, Spring's here. And what's the groundbreaking trend here? Florals. Ugh. I HATE florals. Not only are they totally hippie and dated-looking, EVERYONE wears florals in the spring. So I choose not to - why does spring give you the excuse to not be fabulous, every day all the time? For example: I like bold. The Donna Morgan Crazy Lines Dress, above, is my perfect reaction to this "Spring Florals" craziness. Don't conform to the flower-hype: it sucks. What's more "look at me" than a dynamic red-black-white combo? Pair with a powerful Gold Bangle to complete the look.

Before this purchase, I ordered a one-shoulder yellow dress from ideeli.com with matching wedge shoes that are just perfect as an outfit: my reasoning for this one was my best friend's rehearsal dinner for her wedding in June - duh! New outfit!

What says spring more than yellow? (And for all you still-flower-lovers - look! There's flower detailing on the strap!) You don't need tacky old-looking florals to welcome the season. Let's look good - it's been a LONG winter. So when I see a $100 dress from Amanda Charles provided to me for $30 on ideeli - yes, I'm going to get it, I just won't eat lunches this week. The Italians got it right - take a break, you deserve it!

And For the love of God go check out ideeli. It's the best thing ever to happen to struggling fashionistas!

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