Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Apartment In Boston!

The Ash Tree's base of operations has moved ((only a few blocks!)) to a GORGEOUS apartment in the Fenway, Boston. The space and natural light in my room has already made a huge difference in my productivity and inspiration.

I've been busy working on wedding calligraphy place card jobs, and just finished a double portrait drawing commissioned by a family friend. It came out GREAT!

It's amazing how having a breathable, clean space to work in keeps you so much more organized and productive. My last apartment was fun, but I'm done with the crappy collegy apartments: well, I was done paying Boston rent for really crappy apartments. This place is a bit more expensive than my last place, but with the huge newly rennovated bathroom and huge 3 windows in my room, it's paid for itself. God I've been writing for realtors too Below is my "studio" area - I should have taken a picture DURING THE DAY with the light and not in the throes of art-making.But oh well.

I also got a delightful mix-up from the company I ordered my mattress and bed frame from - instead of the "not too bad" Hazelnut wire frame, they delivered a gorgeous chocolate brown and gold Tuscan Bedframe instead, which was $400 more than what I bought. And since they would have lost money if they came to get it and give me my correct frame, this helped me justify keeping it and being totally stoked about it. I also bought a sea-green/blue comforter with velvet, chocolate brown scrolling all over it. It's amazing. And my cat loves it. Does that make me a crazy cat lady? Do I care?

Now it's on to decorating and moving on to the living room. My roommate is borrowing the great futon that I bought until her bed arrives in a few days, so I figure I'll work from there. Plus we have a miniscule TV coming (oh, yay) But still, it's a TV.

More updates to come! In the meantime, anyone have any cool, modern decorating ideas?

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