Friday, September 17, 2010

I Want But Really Need: Scented Candles

This is the latest installment in my What I Want But Really Need series, which inevitably happens when I'm about to make a purchase from the fine craftspeople on Etsy.

Candles are so much more fun to buy in person. Mostly because I stand there in candle shops like a crazy person sniffing all of the jars. My favorite scents are usually food related: I love Buttercream frosting, French Vanilla, and really like the Apple Pie or other delicious smelling noise like that.

Upon a first search for Buttercream Candle on Etsy, I found this great Buttercream Crunch Candle, $8 from an etsy shop called Auntie Di's Di-Lites. I like the price for the size, and the picture / presentation look great.

I also found these while doing a price search - the new feature on Etsy where you can input the two price points that you'd ideally like to pay. These Pink Sugar and Buttercream Candles, $5 for set of 4, are a bit different, but they totally look fun. There's sugar on it. Amazing. Great pic, Boardwalkcandles!

So that's all for my latest impulse buying post. I haven't blogged too much because I'm having some camera problems. I've got some great new Handmade Books, so check back often!

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