Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Apartment, New Beginnings!

Buying A Home

All right, so it's been a few weeks since graduation. And pretty much since that day, I have gone nesting crazy. Yes. I've found a new place, and want to fill it with pretty things. I want it to look sleek and chic, and reflect my taste. I'm drooling in front of West Elm by my apartment, and am envisioning a big mirror to make my apartment even bigger. Black, funky bookcases, a cool TV, an actual full size bed instead of this freakin twin that my 5'10" body just will not accept.

As you can see, I have even joined The Nest, and yes, I know, you're supposed to do The Knot thing first but I don't care. Above is a ticker until I move into my new place in August. It's so roomy and the light is fantastic. I can't wait to decorate it and make it a home, instead of a place to live - if that makes sense. I've bought some photo frames from my black and white photography from Italy, and have assembled my brand new drafting table for my calligraphy that I got from Blick.

And instead of slowing down after graduation, I feel that life has only sped up. Like today, for instance, went by so quickly. All of my businesses need my constant attention: wedding calligraphy season has passed, and frantic "I need these done in a week!" brides are flooding my business. I've also recently committed to a part time salaried position with Boston Logic, at which I specialize in SEO and online marketing, which I'll get into some fun times later :) Also coming up, some great esty sellers for featured shops! Stay tuned!

Advice for decorating little apartments without paint welcome - it helps having an interior designer as a mom :D

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