Saturday, April 17, 2010

SMFA Sidewalk Sale!

So I've signed up for the SMFA Sidewalk Sale, which takes place this year May 7th and 8th, 9:00-5:00. We set up on the street right next to the school, Museum Road, across from the MFA on Huntington.

It's really cool, there are tables with art from all over the school's majors and departments, usually reasonably priced - just before Mother's Day! How totally perfect is that?! :D

As for what I'll be selling this year: I've got my famous embroidered necklaces that I'm trying to move, so ALL EMBROIDERED NECKLACES are selling for $5.00 this year so I can get some fresh designs! I also have my reasonably priced earrings for $10.00, and some wire necklaces, bracelets, and sea glass rings. And, as always, now is your chance to get your own sail wallet for $30! I've also got the other sail canvas products, sea glass mirrors, and handmade cards.

Additionally, I'm introducing some products I made in my classes this semester that I'm really excited about. First off, I've got really cool ceramic pendants for necklaces that are glazed with these beautiful hues and colors that are worth checking out. I've also got some handmade journals that I LOVED making in my Book Arts class.

So come stop by and see me!!

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