Friday, September 4, 2009

Buon Journo from Firenze!

Hey guys,
This is officially my first post from Florence, Italy!! Very exciting. Soon the vacation-esque euphoria will dissipate, and I will be but a busy art student yet again. Aww, poor me. I'm taking Intermediate Drawing, Serigraphy, Photography, Museology, and Beginning Graphic Design. I'm still not completely sold on Serigraphy, which is like printmaking, but I really do want to try something new. That, and I didn't get into Jewelry Design. Oh, well. I still have one semester left when I return! (W.O.W.)

Classes start on Monday, and until then I'm going to continue exploring and maybe do some shopping? For some reason, I brought NO summer clothes, except like 3 tank tops, and no flip flops, because they were too American. Well, my feet can't breathe. And I'm hot. That's enough of an excuse to shop, I believe. This week was hard on my Euros, though (1 Euro is currently 1.50 Dollars!) I had to pay roughly 100E to exist (Insurance and extended permit of stay) but I think I'm legal at the moment. I have an adorable little apartment right next to the open markets. I've recently seen more leather then I have ever seen before in my life, and am so excited about it. The shoes are gorgeous. I must have them. Please stay tuned for further Florentine adventures, such as me getting lost and getting gelato to figure myself out.

Pictured here is my tour around Il Duomo and the surrounding Piazzas. The giant archway houses the Post Office and International Bank, as well as a strip of open market vendors and art supply places :) Enjoy!

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  1. What a great place to go to school! Hope your time there is something you'll treasure forever. :)


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